Survey Data



I just wanted to share some of the data collected from the /5 and Maneuver playtests.

Did this playtest improve your game experience?

Average response: 3.72 out of 5, indicating improved


Should some form of this playtest be added to the core NERO rules?

Average response: 4.1 out of 5, indicating strong yes.


Do people find lower numbers easier to process?

Average response: 4.5 out of 5, indicating “much easier”



How did single digit numbers impact unintentional cheating via miscalculation?

Average response: 1.77 out of 5, indicating unintentional cheating was greatly decreased


Does this math make the game more or less attractive to new players?

Average response: 4.63 out of 5, indicating that it makes the game much more attractive to new players.




-Bigger numbers scare people away, even if the ratios are the same as the smaller numbers. Also, it is easier to add/subtract small numbers than big numbers at speed.

-When any game required a lot of math work just to play, people will feel intimidated by the system. It’s the very reason why I haven’t brought my wife to NERO, as she would only play occasionally and the rules would completely frighten her.

-Those with ‘less sword’ skills have the perception of being able to stand toe to to e with ‘the big guys’.

-[NPC RESPONSE] When I wasn’t fighting large numbers of PC’s the low numbers definitely helped make things easier to process.

-Perception of competence/effectiveness. Also, the way the numbers round on the low end, lower level people get a bump up in effectiveness. Coupled with perceptions of effectivness, they feel “shoulder to shoulder” with higher level characters more.

-When a player first starts off, they more or less feel like they are not impacting anything happening plot wise. Yes there are low level mods, but, people want to be heroes (or villains) and in a big way like the epic heroes and villains they have grown up reading. Not adventuring to kill bears in the wood, they want to do something that involves them affecting some sort of story somewhere. Tolkien, Martin, Butcher, Sanderson, Salvatore, Greenwood all of these major authors have produced characters and villains that are timeless ( and lets not even get into Marvel DC). You get the point. If someone has no LARP background they are most likely going to cite books by these authors that they have read, or seen a movie of, thinking that they are going to be like the characters in these stories. The /5 play test is a way to bring those huge confrontations we have seen or read down a lot of notches and standardize them making it so that the 2 or 3 points of damage a person will be stuck on while leveling a character far more effective against a villain. The Maneuver test is the perfect supplement to this by making that in between time to higher damage A LOT more fun. In fact, you could introduce this play test right now with the current system of damage by tweaking the bonuses from some of the maneuvers so that it is congruent to the damage scale now and you would be impacting low to mid level players in a huge way. Hell, even if you didn’t, imagine a fighter swinging 3’s, his or her second or third event and being able to call 8’s on something after using the Warrior’s dare maneuver because they have managed to pick up some crits in the current build system. This sort of stuff is exactly where NERO International should be going.

-New players have much to compete with on the field of battle amongst seasoned veterans. Big NPCs take a good amount of damage, and while employing slash five I got the feeling that I contributed more to the battle calling twos rather than the eights I would normally call, sans-slash five. If you do the math – an NPC with 65 body would take nine hits (not counting spell protectives and innert abilities and all that extra crap) when I’m calling eights. That same NPC under the slash five rule is only going to take seven hits to go down while I’m calling twos.



Did the game math involve more or less rounding / guessing?

Average Response: 4.36 out of 5, indicating much less rounding/guessing was needed.



Other Comments?

-The best thing I heard during the playtest mod was “slash 5 makes Celestial beast!”. Part of the point, glad to see it shine through.

-None other than I want to see more playtests with slash five with maneuvers!






Did this playtest improve your game experience?

Average Response: 3.8 out of 5, indicating improvement



Should some form of this playtest be added to the core NERO rules?

Average Response: 4.6 out of 5, indicating a strong yes


The lowest scoring maneuvers were Free Ally and Weapon Master’s Stance, both rated at 2.5 out of 5.




-Neat change, adds some verstility to fighters without invalidating any existing character builds. Not a “game changer” more of “neat flavor”. I liked it.

-I really enjoyed the critical attack mechanic.

-I really enjoyed the play test would love to have an entire event dedicated to testing it along side the slash 5.


Dan, what’s going on with these playtests?

I dunno.

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