LARP Memes

Here are some dumb images I made:

I love coming up with names for “moves” you use at LARPs. For example, “The Barnacle” is a move where you stand next to somebody that’s about to go on adventure and hope they bring you along. The above image is the “Majestic Seagull”, which is when you gracefully swoop in and search somebody else’s kill.




This one will make sense to anybody that’s ever been in a tavern at a no-alcohol LARP.

Few things in this world fill me with more joy than watching somebody pretend powdered lemonade is a fine ass Elven wine.



One of the best thing about being high level is getting to “babysit” a bunch of newbies on an adventure and just dicking around like you don’t give a fuck. If the Fellowship were a LARP party, Gandalf would have done a lot more eyerolling and patting people on the head.



(A bit of explanation may be necessary for the above image: In NERO, you can only use five magic items at once. And an item can have a maximum of five magical effects. So if you’re loaded up on items, and you find one that only has one or two effects you are expected to react with disgust. Under no circumstances should you give the item to the group of newbies with zero items standing 15 feet away) 





Here’s the trick to being good at LARP riddles” The answer to the riddle is probably one of the following: time, shadow, death, flame, wind, a coin, the letter e, nothing. If you memorize this list, and the half dozen riddles in The Hobbit, nobody at a LARP will ever stump you.




It’s expected that the farmer who sends you on a quest is probably more powerful and evil than any creature you will face on that quest. I’ll let you guys decide whether the above farmer is actually a vampire, superlich, or is just an ungrateful prick.




Hey dude, do you really need six people to find your missing gimlet? Or is six the maximum number of people you can kill with a single swing?

  1. #1 by zoeaeddy on May 8, 2012 - 8:03 pm

    I love this. So much. You can use my packet one if so inclined. The more memes the merrier.

  2. #2 by Larping on June 30, 2012 - 10:12 pm

    Hi. Looking for the genius behind these posts. We’d love to chat about an opportunity for you. Email me

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