I Rift In 3…

Hail and well met!

My name is Dan. I joined NERO in something like 1998 or 1999, a wide-eyed dual-pyramid templar in Avendale. I’ve been involved with NERO behind-the-scenes since I joined the Avendale staff in 2000. I recall thinking it would be something like being a Dungeon Master. You get to be the person who writes these awesome stories that people will tell around the campfire later. That’s basically a LARPwright’s job, creating cool stories that people actually experience, not just witness on a screen.

Nerology, in addition to being a lame play on words, is the study of NERO. This blog is going to be talking about playing NERO, a live-combat fantasy LARP. Primarily, I’d like to discuss tools and techniques for staff members to create cool experiences for their players. Although I’m talking about NERO, because it’s the LARP I play most frequently, the discussions is by no means limited to NERO.

We’ll also be hearing from Noah, and oldtime partner in crime. Noah plays a black knight and I play a white knight. We’re both NERO National staff members who have been working with NERO’s owner, Joe Valenti, since we were teenagers. We’ve witnessed the ways in which NERO is growing, and we want to help it grow up strong. This blog will provide the calcium needed to foster strong bones and resistance to poison.

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